It's a Friday night, ten years ago to the day, Timbaland is blasting from the radio and the blue WKD is flowing. I'm about to head out with the girls wearing a strapless mini dress and nothing else. I choose to risk hypothermia instead of ruining my outfit with a coat. There's something about being in your teens and being oblivious to the near freezing weather, I was cold but I had a unbelievable knack to 'just deal with it'. Fast forward ten years and I'm all about the layers. Sock less feet in ballet pumps have been replaced with thick socks and ankle boots, strapless mini dresses are only worn in winter if accompanied by a large faux fur coat and tights; they are worn 99.9% of the time. I practically danced naked through the streets (of course I didn't, it would have been far too cold!) when puffer jackets were first seen on the catwalk and very quickly stocked up. Do you really need another down puffer coat? Yes mother, I really, really do. Incredibly comfy, unbelievably warm and they give any outfit instant street cred. I think even my 16 year old self would have come around to the wonders of the puffer.

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