Have you ever played that game where you read each other's palms; ultimately ending with one hooligan spitting into the others palm exclaiming 'you’re going to have a big house with a pool in the back garden.' Well on a particularly long and boring drive I decided to google palm reading and see what all the lines really meant. Of course this is all gospel! After “reading” a few lines I came to the life line; a straight line with no branches coming off of it, no kinks or twists, incidentally exactly the line that I have, means you will have an uneventful life. Well…that stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t want an uneventful life. Uneventful to me meant boring, safe...uneventful. Why I took so much notice I will never know. Why this little titbit off of the internet has stayed with me all this time I will never know. Palm reading, to my brother, is total and utter codswallop but to me, an avid reader of horoscopes, a believer in all things astrological it makes complete sense. I was a little bit wounded. Why? Because everyone else is having the time of their lives…or so social media would have us believe. 

After wallowing for what was potentially too long over a could be mythical bit of information I decided to metaphorically throw on my tweed jacket and do something.  Whilst uneventful could actually be seen as a good thing, with uneventful there's no outstanding bad moments as there aren't any outstanding good. It is smooth sailing all the way and there is something quite comforting about that, however I have always worked best when under a little bit of pressure and there is something exhilarating about being out of your comfort zone which is when I realised something. I rarely put myself out there and I never shout about my success, or share with others for fear of what people will think and looking like that person that boasts about everything. By not putting myself out there  I missed out on a lot, friendships, adventures, getting ahead at work. Silly me, thinking hard work and simply 'getting on with it' would be enough to get you noticed. Unfortunately not, she who shouts the loudest will reap the rewards; trying to find the balance between believing in you and having the confidence to push that and being plain old obnoxious is the tricky part. In a nutshell you have to do something in order for something else to happen. Sitting on your sofa scrolling through social media getting a little more green eyed with each swipe isn't going to get you in your favourite restaurant photographing that incredible cocktail. Resting on your laurels doing the same thing day in, day out isn't going to get you that trip to number one on your bucket list and sitting at your computer quietly working away (keeping everything to yourself) isn't going to get you the promotion you most likely deserve. Trust me on this one, I learnt the hard way! Whereas going to that party where you only know one person could lead to the meeting of a lifetime, shouting about the success the of the latest campaign you ran in a meeting with your boss will put you on their radar and sometimes social media screening can lead to a light bulb moment of inspiration to help you create an incredible piece of content. Or even just a killer outfit for your best friends birthday.

We have to create our own eventful and after throwing on my actual tweed jacket this is exactly what I intend to do, on the days where a Netflix binge isn't imperative! 

The tweed jacket has been all over Instagram for quite a while now and with so many options on the high street I really took my time in finding the perfect one. I didn't want to end up buying multiple jackets in varying shades of brown so I kept on looking until I found the one. This Zara version (which incidentally is one of many Zara tweed jackets available) is super soft, the perfect wear with everything colour and most importantly to me the perfect fit. Tailored but roomy enough for a jumper and long enough to cover the bum, think boyfriend fit! I've pulled together some of the other jackets that almost got me to part with my cash and if I had an endless pot of gold I would of course buy multiple jackets in varying shades of brown.

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  1. Love these jackets they can be such a staple!



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