Call me prude but my nipples will not be seen poking abruptly through a semi sheer shirt. Call me prude but my nipples will not stand erect uncovered for the entire world to see. Call me prude but this trend, largely set by the ever present Kardashian Klan, is one that I will not be following. Don’t get me wrong I don’t judge the whole ‘Free the Nipple’ movement; in fact I completely understand it and support its message. It isn’t simply about wanting the world to see our nipples. It is women empowering women and there is nothing better that. It is claiming our bodies and our choices back. We can do whatever we want with our bodies whenever we want. Our bodies cannot be censored and they cannot be owned, used or abused by any person without our consent. This is a message I can whole heartedly get on board with.

Here, I am talking about the growing trend of the celebrity crowd bearing all in a shocking moment to gain more column inches. The problem is…it isn’t actually shocking anymore. We’ve become desensitised to nakedness that those willing, have to go further and further to shock and awe. It is now socially acceptable to bare ones naked ass on a platform accessed by billions. We don’t bat an eyelid when next doors daughter thrusts her crotch into the mirror in a Baywatch esque bathing suit. When your second cousin twice removed nipple pops up in your feed you glance and move on, not giving it a second thought. I’m going to put it out there; this isn’t about empowering women. This is about popularity. Sex sells has long been the mantra in the entertainment industry and yes that first semi-naked photo you post will garner a hell of a lot of interest but what will you post next time. How far are you willing to go to keep that interest up? 

The confidence it must take to put yourself out there like that, for everyone to see has to be admired. However think how much more shocking it would be for there to be story about Theresa May’s policies; not her length of skirt. Think how much more shocking it would be to see a story about a Kardashian fighting for human rights not because their top shows their bare breasts and erect nipples. We are constantly fighting to be taken seriously as women, to have a voice that is listened to as acutely as a man’s voice. Putting our bodies out there for all to see at the click of a button is a little contradictory no? I can assure you when a naked body is involved no one is listening to the voice behind it.

Nipples have been around since forever. We all have them. Never have they been as prevalent as in 2017. 2017 is quite simply, the nipples year. Will this trend continue into 2018? Or will they be a one season wonder like extreme ripped jeans? Either way it is a trend that I will not be wearing and just can’t quite understand. 

N.B. I am not referring to the sometimes nipple poking through a top a la Rachel Green, sometimes it’s cold and we’re wearing a triangle bra, this cannot be helped!


  1. Yeeeees!! Free the nipple!

    Cindy |

  2. I personally will not be "freeing" any time soon, but I am curious how this trend will make its way to high-street fashion. I mean, how naked can we really be in public? lol!



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