If you know me you will be well aware that I trip over my feet on a regular basis. I stub my toe, knock things over, drop items and bang my head all the time. Quite surprisingly for someone so clumsy (and I am touching every bit of wood I can find as I write this) I don't seem to spill stuff on myself. Wearing white is a brave decision; you run the risk of stains, you're putting it all out there, there's not really anywhere to hide. However when it is done right it looks incredible. The right underwear and the right fitting pieces create a stand out outfit.

A LWD, little white dress, is the perfect way to ease into wearing white. Chuck it on with quite literally any shoes and go. The white on white might take a minute to get used to but worn with your favourite gold jewellery and a nude/coloured shoe is a great alternative to the blue jean t-shirt combination. Something I am trying to change up every now and again.

Whilst white isn't something I wear every day I have been reaching for it more and more and if you fancy adding some white to your wardrobe I'm sharing my current favourite pieces. They are all new in so shouldn't have sold out just yet!


  1. Cute simple look - loving the glasses! I do love wearing white, although I'm so clumsy sometimes that it rarely ends well...!

  2. I don't own many white pieces but they look so good on! I'd love a nice white coat for winter especially!

    Isobel x

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  3. I'm exactly the same! Very clumsy but not too bad when it comes to spilling food/drink - love these picks, the spot wrap blouse especially is beaut x

  4. I love your outfit! White looks so good!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  5. Love the look but I have to say that the sunglasses are my favourite piece. I am a sunglasses addict.



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