After adding and removing this denim mini skirt from my basket a number of times I purchased it just before my trip to Miami after some extensive holiday wardrobe inspiration trawling. In the end Lucy AKA Fashion Me Now convinced me that this would be a purchase I wouldn't regret thanks to it's impeccable ability to go from day to nightwear. 

Teaming casual basics that enable you to still resemble a together human being; something I struggle with day to day now that I work from home, leggings and trainers have become my go too uniform! The espadrilles were a steal for just £16 and incredibly comfy, I'm just on my back to purchase this green pair, ideal for when you're feeling the summer weather but haven't quite made that pedicure appointment yet. An all time favourite piece of mine, the H&M chunky knit makes this the perfect transitional outfit for when you see the sun and automatically think it's 25 degrees out...mental note, it's the UK it almost never 25 degrees outside!

Mules, mules, flared sleeves, mules, flared sleeves; the general gist of my thought pattern these days. I have more mules than days to wear them currently on my wish list and every other item I wear seems to have a flared'll see, the outfit shots are coming! There's something so retro about the two paired together and I blooming love it.

These particular mules were another Forever 21 star buy, just £20 and they come in a fabulous array of colours. 

Now can we all just take a moment to appreciate these sleeves...H&M you did it again.


  1. This outfit is so awesome! Those bell sleeves are so fun and I love that they're pleated.

    The Blushing Pink

  2. I pretty much live in my denim skirt during the spring, so you've given me some inspiration as to how I can style the classic skirt, thanks so much!

  3. i cannot wait to bag me some new denim wear! u look fab hun!

  4. TopShop has some amazing buys! I just love this style so much :)

  5. OBSESSED with the flared sleeves! Perfect paired with the denim skirt!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. Every piece in this outfit is so beautiful, the skirt, the top and the sunglasses are fab!! I need a skirt like this for spring :)


  7. Love these two outfits - hard to decide which one I prefer but I think the sleeves on the blouse just about cinch it for me. Such bargain footwear too, I've been eyeing up espadrilles today!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  8. i think i haven't worn a denim skirt in decades but yours looks so cool. i would love to get ine myself.

  9. You look INCREDIBLE! xx

  10. Yessss this skirt is a-amazing!! Both of these are stunning lovely, and can we please address the fact that your hair is just goals?!




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