If you know me you will be well aware that I trip over my feet on a regular basis. I stub my toe, knock things over, drop items and bang my head all the time. Quite surprisingly for someone so clumsy (and I am touching every bit of wood I can find as I write this) I don't seem to spill stuff on myself. Wearing white is a brave decision; you run the risk of stains, you're putting it all out there, there's not really anywhere to hide. However when it is done right it looks incredible. The right underwear and the right fitting pieces create a stand out outfit.

A LWD, little white dress, is the perfect way to ease into wearing white. Chuck it on with quite literally any shoes and go. The white on white might take a minute to get used to but worn with your favourite gold jewellery and a nude/coloured shoe is a great alternative to the blue jean t-shirt combination. Something I am trying to change up every now and again.

Whilst white isn't something I wear every day I have been reaching for it more and more and if you fancy adding some white to your wardrobe I'm sharing my current favourite pieces. They are all new in so shouldn't have sold out just yet!



Rewind to a year ago when this shirt and dress were first bought and I thought embroidery was a trend that I would never get on board on with. They sat in my wardrobe forever unworn, tried on here and there but never quite making it out of the house. Fast forward and I can't seem to get enough. I've found a way to make them work within my minimalist style, a way that I can wear them and still feel like me. Not an imposter jumping on the bandwagon. The shirt was the perfect way to dip my toe in as it is quite subtle compared to others on the market and well within my colour comfort zone. I have worn this more times than I can count which has led me to think it's time I added another option to my wardrobe. Worn with my favourite jeans and my new pearl slides that I am adequately obsessed with; how could you not be? Oh and the bag, the bag that is worn with everything, fits everything and I can't stop talking about.


The throw on and go feel, the balloon sleeves, the length; I bought this dress because I simply couldn't not own it. It has ignited a dress love in me that I never knew I had. Anything that brings a bit of the holiday feel to home is a winner for me. As both of these embroidered items were bought last year I have scoured the internet just for you and me to find the best embroidery on the high street right now.

Next is doing some fantastic pieces at the minute and their shoes are amazing! I would definitely recommend having a look next time you're passing; this black dress is the perfect holiday piece. Are you buying into this trend?


'People turned to bloggers because magazines were no longer relatable however magazines have now become more relatable using 'real people' and bloggers are becoming unattainable'. 

Blog photography has steadily become more and more professional and seeing as I don't have a professional photographer to hand I regularly don't post some of my favourite outfits because the photography doesn't quite meet the very high standards set. I  love fashion, I love putting outfits together, I love the feeling and confidence you get when you put a really great outfit together and I love introducing people to new brands, styles etc. When my friends and family ask me where something is from I get a little buzz and instantly fill them in on all the key details. Where it is from, how much it cost, different colour options and how long ago I bought it (will it still be in stock?) This is exactly why I started this space.

Of course I would love for my blog photography to look like it's straight off the pages of Elle and one day I hope it will but for now here is an outfit thatI shot myself, in my garden, with my little Watson (French Bulldog puppy) running around my feet.

It is the easiest outfit to wear when it comes to hot English days; a light flowy dress in a very on trend gingham print, paired with my favourite Superga trainers and this bag. I could go on and on about this bag. It is, simply put, a dream. The dress is also available in this blue floral design, it may or may not be on it's way to my house as we speak!



It's the cup of tea of rooms, the place where you go at the end of the day to switch off and relax. It's where cuddles with Watson happen, where the Netflix binge takes place on a Sunday. The room where the Christmas tree stands proud, gifts piled high standing to attention. Where secrets are spilled among friends across a glass of wine. Where the fire is lit on a cold winters day. The room you retreat to when all you want to do is chill. Coffee is drunk, biscuits are dunked in tea. Tears are cried, laughter is heard, big decisions are made, loneliness is felt, happiness is shared; every emotion is experienced in the living room.

It has been one of the hardest to decorate. I want a cosy welcoming room that is still in keeping with my minimalist scandi style. Whilst I am almost there, these last few pieces will really bring the room together. H&M home has forever been my go to for affordable decorative accessories; how amazing is this vase and the lantern? Both are under £10! They went straight into my basket and I am heading back to stock up on cushions immediately.




...but sometimes, just sometimes adding a little colour is a great thing.

My wardrobe is almost exclusively made up of neutrals but sometimes, just sometimes I get a craving for colour. I can have no idea what I want to wear I just know that it has to be colourful; whether it's a red dress on a night out full of LBD's or it's a multi coloured striped knit, with flared sleeves no less. I'm not sure whether it's the unusually sunny weather, my trip to an incredibly colourful Miami or simply a phase but for now pops of colour are definitely on my radar. Thanks, in large parts, to my love of this knit (it's had more wear than half the neutrals in my wardrobe) I've been on the hunt for more rainbow lovelies...

Side note: If anyone has an ideas for a quick way to earn £1,000 to buy this Balenciaga beauty let me know...

Do you wear a lot of colour or does your wardrobe firmly stay on the black, white and grey side?



I knew his name long before he entered my life...

We had always wanted a dog but rented accommodation kept ruining our dreams, after deciding he would eventually be a french bulldog two years ago, the name instantly came to me whilst watching Sherlock Holmes, meet Watson. He is the most mischievous, stubborn, little light of my life. I can't even begin to explain the amount of joy he has brought and I am not a soppy person! Now if you know french bulldogs then you know that they HATE to be by themselves, I had heard this but still wasn't prepared for how far this would go. If I am cooking and not paying him attention, he howls, if he is left alone in the front room he howls, (unless it is after 6pm), if I am sat down but not where he can climb on my knee, he howls. Therefore Watson tends to accompany me everywhere I go and I love it. On this occasion we were headed for lunch, with Watson joining me I knew we would most likely be sat outside and although the sun was out... This Is wasn't warm. Which is where the double jacket comes in, one of my new favourite looks. It instantly elevates an outfit and when worn with a leather biker jacket, instantly adds a little edge to the classic trench, plus it keeps you warm insert thumbs up emoji. In my old age, comfort and warmth is becoming ever more important. I'm not entirely sure when this shift in mindset happened, it seems only yesterday I was happy to go out in a tiny dress and heels in -10 degree weather turning a little blue around the edges, but alas those days are definitely behind me! I'd love to introduce you to all of Watson's idiosyncrasies, there are a lot, but I'll keep that to another post, one dedicated solely to him, one that he doesn't have to share with the double jacket. It's the least he deserves.


After adding and removing this denim mini skirt from my basket a number of times I purchased it just before my trip to Miami after some extensive holiday wardrobe inspiration trawling. In the end Lucy AKA Fashion Me Now convinced me that this would be a purchase I wouldn't regret thanks to it's impeccable ability to go from day to nightwear. 

Teaming casual basics that enable you to still resemble a together human being; something I struggle with day to day now that I work from home, leggings and trainers have become my go too uniform! The espadrilles were a steal for just £16 and incredibly comfy, I'm just on my back to purchase this green pair, ideal for when you're feeling the summer weather but haven't quite made that pedicure appointment yet. An all time favourite piece of mine, the H&M chunky knit makes this the perfect transitional outfit for when you see the sun and automatically think it's 25 degrees out...mental note, it's the UK it almost never 25 degrees outside!

Mules, mules, flared sleeves, mules, flared sleeves; the general gist of my thought pattern these days. I have more mules than days to wear them currently on my wish list and every other item I wear seems to have a flared'll see, the outfit shots are coming! There's something so retro about the two paired together and I blooming love it.

These particular mules were another Forever 21 star buy, just £20 and they come in a fabulous array of colours. 

Now can we all just take a moment to appreciate these sleeves...H&M you did it again.


Finally, as we come to the end of January February, do I feel ready to write this post; it isn't a new year, new me diary entry, it is finding a new direction, a direction that I long to go in. Whilst I knew what direction this was a month ago it has taken until now for me to find my feet and begin to find myself again.

I had a slight crisis in confidence over the Christmas break; I left my job in the summer to provide social media marketing for brands on a freelance basis and by the time I hit the six month mark it's safe to say I had a little wobble. Six months had gone by so fast and I hadn't achieved half of what I had set out too. Freelance work is, fantastic in many ways but as terrifying in many other ways; all of the security that comes with working for a fully-fledged business is gone. This, along with a complete loss of myself led to...a bit of panic shall we say. My mind is like a cheese fondue, constantly bubbling over with idea after idea. There is so much that I want to do, so much that I want to achieve, so much that I would like to put my hand too; that I end up standing still...unsure of where to start. December came along and I was stood frozen to the spot.

I'd like to say I haven't always been this way but that would be lying. I am rather incapable of making a decision; I spread myself too thinly so that everything is done half assed; when I know I can do infinitely better. A perfect example of this is this space that I call The Butter. I love baking, I love fashion and since purchasing and renovating my first home, I love interiors and so I crammed it all into one place. What is that saying; 'a jack of all trades, a master of none.' I want to write a book, I want to bake the Queen's birthday cake, I want a food column and cook book, I want to travel and travel some more, I want to manage Elle and Stylist's social media, I want to wear beautiful clothes every day and share my casual love of fashion, I want to raise money for Alzheimer's Society and Orchid, I want to inspire as many people to bake the really indulgent stuff as I can, I want to help small and start-up businesses grow their social community, I want to help brands see the worth of that community, I want a cafe called Bakes by Butter...I want to enjoy the work that I do.

When asked; 'what do you want to do when you're older?' I always responded 'whatever it is I want to really enjoy it.' We spend a huge portion of our lives at work; I don't and have never wanted that huge portion of my life to be boring and unhappy. So, in the words of Rachel, 'I have a plan' and in honour of my new streamlined approach to life I am starting a new blog solely dedicated to my love of baking. I realise that people who come here for a foodie fix may not be in the slightest bit interested in what I wore last week. Likewise those who pop on over to see my latest purchase couldn't care less about this week's indulgence. I couldn't decide what I wanted this space to be and so it became everything.

If my bakes are the reason you currently read this blog then please pop on over to , have a read and I hope, bake along! If you are here for the fashion and lifestyle aspect then please stay put, there's plenty more coming your way! I am also thinking about changing the name of this space...let me know what you think, any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

For now, thank you for reading my slight word vomit, I am going to endeavour to achieve something this year. Instead of simply talking about it...I am going to endeavour to do in 2017.


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