Barcelona is the most beautiful place that I have seen. Every building you see has the most delicate, intricate architecture you can't help but stop and stare. I instantly felt at home and like I was free to explore the city, it is such a relaxed, open atmosphere you can't help but fall in love.

Unfortunately my dear partner lost my camera on the last day (the less said the better), so all of my breath taking photography was lost, I just had the snaps that I had thought to take on my phone. Apologies if the quality isn't the greatest but I still wanted to share something from my trip.

Due to a five hour delay, thank you for snowing in March, we had two days in the city and I think we managed to pack quite a lot in. We explored La Rambla, gorged at the La Boqueria, stared in wonder at La Sagrada Familia, raided Zara, acted like kids on top of the world at Tibidabo, cycled along the beach and drank delicious cocktails on the 26th floor at Hotel W.

It is no surprise that this incredible building is yet to be finished, when you see the architecture up close you wonder if it will ever get finished. You can see and feel the detail, care and love that has gone into each aspect, I was completely blown away.  We paid a little extra to go up one of the towers and I am not going to lie our legs buckled! There was no safety precaution up there so if you're afraid of heights this probably isn't for you but the view is definitely worth it if you can put up with the jelly legs...

If you go to Barcelona you have to wander down La Rambla and the maze of streets that wind off this famous street. The best way to attack the maze is, I think, with a couple of hours of free exploring time. I firmly believe that everyone will find something different, there are so many cafes, gelato stores, bars, shops you can't really go wrong. If you are a huge food lover like me than La Boqueria is a must, stall after stall of fresh fruit, fish, bocadillos, sweets, pastries, is food heaven! The hardest part is deciding what you are going to sample although you can always do a me and try everything!

One place that I will recommened is the bar, Ocana, based in the beautiful Placa Reial. The interior is stunning, the cocktails beautiful and the food delicious. There is even a view of the square from the toilets, what else could you ask for? If you are looking for a place to rest your feet, reflect on the day and enjoy a relaxing drink this is the place for you.

I was told by numerous people before my trip that I just HAD to take the funicular up to Mount Tibidabo, I followed their advice and now I am passing these words of wisdom onto you. This is the highest point in Barcelona, to get there you just keep going up, and up, and up, and when you get there the whole city is mapped out in front of you. It really is spectacular. To make the trip even more worthwhile there is a fun fair on top of the mountain packed with rides to help you get an even better seat to the view. We spent a whole day up there, it was so much fun and a sight we are very happy not to have missed. There is also a truly beautiful church (even higher than the fair) that is well worth a few moments of reflection.

The beach in Barcelona is not one to be missed, especially if you visit in the summer months. It is clean with gorgeous clear blue seas. We hired bikes and cycled right along the front, this was a great way to get around, I felt like I was cycling along Santa Monica Boulevard. The Hotel W, based right at the end of the beach is also famous for it's bar on 26th floor. Now this hotel is WOW, but if you can't afford to stay here, as we couldn't, visiting for drinks is a must. The view in the evening again is incredible.

As I am sure you can tell, I fell in love with Barcelona the minute I stepped off the plane. I cannot wait to return and explore more of the city. If you are heading here please don't hesitate to ask for any tips or places to go, I'd love to help! 

Have you been to Barcelona? What did you think?


  1. Great photos! What a stunning place to visit!

    She Likes to Shop

  2. I went to Barcelona last year and I loved it ! Great post and pictures :)

  3. Barcelona is one of my favourite places. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the buildings, the late dinners, the market and the food! I especially liked visiting the Park Guell. If you haven't been I'd highly recommend it.

  4. Oh no I would be so mad if my partner lost my camera, so so mad!! You still got some amazing photo's though! I really want to go to Barcelona it's a beautiful city.

    Meme xx

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  5. I love the pictures! It seems like so much fun. I really wanna visit Barcelona one day x

    Lina /



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