Sunday Supplement: This Week #2

The first week of March is always a busy/fun one for me, not only is it Dan's birthday it is also my mums and my brothers. Three birthdays in one week (3rd, 4th and 6th) means one thing, lots and lots of food...hey I am not complaining.

Tuesday evening we had delicious Dim Sum followed by red velvet cake. Wednesday, good ole American burgers followed by lemon and poppy seed buttermilk cake. Friday a Mexican feast (which hopefully explains the moustaches and sombreros) followed by a chocoholics dream fudge cake. Sadly I couldn't eat the latter as I have given chocolate up for lent, at this point I cannot remember why I decided to do this to myself?!

The first week of March also brought with it some glorious sunshine, who else is now crazy excited for summer? I hope you all had a great week! Is anyone else punishing themselves by giving something up for lent?


  1. Oh that is the cutest bar ever, especially with the alley right next to it, it looks similar to somewhere near me, very diagon alley sort of looking (Sorry I'm a big fantasiser).
    I've had birthday after birthday too, super busy!

    Meme xx

    New Post out now:
    'Lush Haul//Easter Range'

  2. awesome post! following you hun!

  3. All that food sounds amazing! It's making me hungry thinking about it!
    And I love that it has been sunny too!

  4. How cute is the painted table? Literally such a pinterest worthy place :) Love these sort of posts hun!




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