Style Resolutions

 I have seen this post floating around on a few of my favourite blogs and I instantly thought 'what a great idea', I am always making style resolutions in my head but never seem to stick to them. By telling you lovely people I am hoping that this is the year! Oh and I realise I probably should have done this post at some point in January but better late than never right?
  1. Be Confident
    Now I don't mean confidence as a general thing here that is a whole other story. I mean be confident in the clothes that I choose and the outfit that I put on. Too many times I put something on, like it and then second guess myself, is this 'cool' enough, is this 'creative' enough. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I need to have more faith in my own style and own it, no matter what I am wearing.
  2. It's all about those Basics
    I am a very pared back, simple, less is more kinda girl so it probably comes as quite a surprise that my basics collection is somewhat lacking. This year I intend to invest in good quality basics as they are a staple to a chic, wearable wardrobe. If you've got your basics right everything else just seems to fall into place (or so I am hoping). I am lusting after LnA but as a more affordable option I will probably turn to Cos!
  3. There is no Comfort Zone
    On those days where I have overslept, stayed up too late watching The Vampire Diaries or just plain can't be bothered I can assure you this comfort zone will miraculously reappear. However for the most part I want to completely ignore my comfort zone, pretend it doesn't exist and create new looks, using my existing wardrobe and a few new bits here and there. If this goes well I am sure you will be seeing the results on here!
 I think three is enough for this year! Have you got any style resolutions for 2015?


  1. amazing photo. ♥ And the post is great. What if we follow each other? Let me know, sweetie!

    Simona |


  2. love it!

  3. Great post !!!

    I love your blog

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    I have also shared your blog with my friends :)

    Have a nice day


  4. Terrific photo. The coat in your picture looks so cozy.It was wonderful to read about your goals. I hope you successfully achieve them all.


  5. I know you can totally stick to these goals! Your style is beautiful~ Don't ever second guess yourself <3

    She Will Be

  6. I love your sweater, it looks so cozy

  7. Amazing pictures! Great resolutions! =)

    NEW POST on


  8. This is such a great idea to stay more creative and be bolder with your fashion choices and I completely agree with the basics idea. I live by basics and they make for a great capsule wardrobe too; not having to worry about buying separate outfits for every item of clothing!

    Eunice Caroline

  9. I love your boots! May I ask where they're from? :) Also my style resolution this year is to invest in great pieces that will last: a good leather jacket, leather boots, the perfect white button-up.... rather than buying lots of trendy pieces or things I'll get sick of.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Thank you, they are from Topshop but they are a year old! Maybe they will have something similar in now? I love your Style Resolution, I may just add it on to my list! :) x

  10. Love this especially the third one, I think it's such a good idea because I always see myself going back to my comfort clothes when I wake up too late. Well not again!

    Jessie | Taylor Mayed

  11. Getting out of my comfort zone for sure! I need to stop wearing pants/jeans everywhere and dive right into my unused pile of skirts and dresses!

    <3 Moonshine Beauty

  12. I'm usually all about those basics, they just cannot fail you so it's always lovely
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  13. Wow but these sure are some resolutions that all us girls should try and commit :)

    And gorgeous photography!!

    Make It Rayne /


  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! flawless



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