Sunday Supplement: Fitness 2015

Exercise and I have a rather funny relationship. I love the idea of it, hate the thought of actually doing it and feel amazing once I have done it. When I was younger I did A LOT of sports both in and out of school then, during my teenage years I let it all go dabbling in the odd fad diet and exercise craze here and there. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. 

Last year I made a number of small yet significant changes to my lifestyle. I wrote more about this in a post here if you want to hear how I kick started a healthier lifestyle. I promise it isn't anything drastic; I love my food too much!

I managed to keep up this healthier lifestyle and exercising at least three times a week (not an outlandish ask) during 2014 and I was incredibly proud of myself. I lost a stone, dropped a dress size, toned up, improved my fitness and felt happy with my body. Something I haven't felt in a VERY long time. Now after the Christmas splurge and relaxation I thought it was the right time to revisit my fitness regime and maybe shake it up a bit. I thought telling you guys would help me stick to it!

My 'couple of days' off at Christmas has actually turned into *whispers* almost three weeks off but 'hey it's ok', I now feel the time is right to get going again. I am still aiming to exercise at least three times a week (anything more is a bonus) but this year I want to add in going for a run at least once a week and doing a Yoga workout at least once a week. Ensuring your body doesn’t get used to one type of exercise is the most important thing when it comes to your fitness. If you continually do the same thing your body will master it and will improve no more, hence why I want to add some variety to my workout.

My new trainers are definitely making the idea of going for a run a lot easier; it's funny how new gym gear has this effect! I bought these when I was in America last year, unfortunately I can't find them anywhere to link but they are Nike Free Runs and they are the comfiest trainers I have ever worn. I am actually tempted to keep them for day to day wear I love them that much, what do you think?

Alongside exercise I have also set myself the challenge of being more adventurous with my cooking, I got into a bit of cooking rut in 2014! The kitchen has always been a place of enjoyment for me, ever since I was little and I want to get this back this year. If all goes well you could be seeing some delicious new recipes on the blog soon.

I hope you didn't mind reading my rambles, if you would like to know anything in more detail please let me  know below! What do you like to do to keep fit? Have you set yourself any fitness goals for 2015?


  1. I love your trainers! Nike traniners are the best! Great post xo

  2. awesome color!

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  4. beautiful trainers !!

  5. I work out pretty regularly...I try to keep my exercising diverse, not to do the same old thing every day...I hate routine.

    love your new trainers!

  6. Olala these trainers are awesome ! Love the color !

    Kiss ! Yuyu

  7. love it!
    I expect my blog :)(:

  8. Those trainers deserve all the heart-eyed emoji's in the world ;) So, so pretty! 2015 I'm hoping is the year I break my 7 years excursus break (no word of a lie) so looking forward to more fitness posts from you lovely!


  9. Interesting and useful post!

  10. These trainers are amazing! I started making home made soup at the back end of last year and it made me want to try loads more of healthy-ish recipes! Good luck with the health kick

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  11. LOVED this post! And I think I love your trainers more...

    Daisy x



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