Sea Salt Scent

I am a bit of a 'perfumeaholic', I love trying new ones and whilst once I was drawn in purely by the bottle (superficial I know) my scent selection has since become more, mature shall we say. 

I have always coveted Jo Malone cologne so this Christmas I decided it was going on my list. Now you will know if you have been into a Jo Malone store just how many scents there are, I took this in my stride and tried them all, yep all 20, in one go.

Through all twenty scents this one really stood out for me, who doesn't want to be reminded of a 'windswept shore' everyday? It is light and fresh but with a woody earthiness that gives it some depth and strength, it is completely unique to anything I have smelt before, now I just have to be careful not to use it up too quickly. I'm not sure I can be without it just yet. Available in 100ml which I will be purchasing next or 30ml if you maybe want to try a few different scents!

Oh and who knew that all Jo Malone colognes are unisex? What is your favourite scent of the moment?


  1. love Jo Malone!

  2. Sounds lovely :)

  3. This sounds divine. Like a really earthy classic smell. Definitely going to look this up and have a sniff in the shop! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Might have to grab this one for summer and pretend I'm at a beach haha, Em xox



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