Hello 2015!

Happy New Year you lovely people!

This year I spent my New Year's a little differently and I loved it! My parents have a place up in Seahouses (a little town in Bamburgh), as the name gives away it is by the seaside so we decided to take the three hour drive and spend it with them, my eldest brother and his partner. New Years Eve involved an eight mile walk along the beach followed by a six course meal, the walk definitely made me feel less guilty about the meal! We found this beautiful mint house and saw some stunning scenery, the sea really is beautiful.

There is something about being by the sea and in the open air that really allows you to think, no cliche intended! I had a great time with Dan and my family seeing in the new year in my Cath Kidston cops and robbers pyjamas and a glass of champagne. Come New Year's day with a clear head and another long walk I was able to think about what I really wanted to achieve in 2015, reiterated to an unsuspecting Dan on the drive home! If you know me you will realise what an achievement this is, I have a degree in a subject I love and a job doing something I enjoy and yet I still wasn't sure what I actually wanted to do with the rest of my life. 

Now we all know stating your New Year's resolutions and actually doing/achieving your New Year's resolutions are two VERY different things. This year I am going to try my very hardest and keep (gently) reminding myself of them as the year progresses, any good lucks out there are very much appreciated.

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and if you have any resolutions please share them with me below! If your still thinking through yours I have put a few little tips below that I find useful when setting myself goals, let me know if you found them useful!

1. Keep it measureable, a specific time period/date/number will help you to know once your goal has been achieved.
2. Keep it realistic, saying at the beginning of year I want to run a marathon by the end of March when you've never run before probably isn't going to happen and will leave you feeling deflated. Setting yourself smaller goals leading up to the big milestone ie. running 10K by the end of March is more realistic and the feeling you get once you've done this will spur you on to reach your final goal.
3. Don't overdo it, writing a list of hundreds an hundreds of resolutions doesn't help anyone, again it is difficult to maintain or achieve all of them and once one drops you will feel deflated and are much more likely to stop with the rest of them.

I hope these help, now back to my delicious hot chocolate...

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  1. Such beautiful photos! I'd love to be near the sea, I live so far away but hopefully one day I'll move to the coast. Your hot chocolate looks amazing too, and brilliant tips!

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