I have gone print mad. Ever seen I bought the 'I swear on my chanel' print from sealo shop (here), I can't stop lusting after every print I see. If it's black and white, even better. 

Me and my partner moved into a new place about five months ago and ever since then I have been wanting to do a series of home posts but, I am a typical virgo and I am perfectionist. Five months later and I am still not satisfied, little by little we are getting there but in my own head there is still a lot that needs to be done. Maybe that's because all I can think about is prints!? Above are just a selection of the ones that I LOVE, I can even picture where they will all go! Like the pineapple print would look just perfect in my bathroom.

How many prints do you think is acceptable to have in one house? Please help me narrow my options and let me know which is your favourite!


  1. I love the Vogue cover and the Chanel pictures, super cool would definitely hang them up in my home!

    Much love xxx

  2. Such a lovely post!

  3. I like the Vogue print, of course. I also like the Chanel print and the Paris handwriting print. This post is so cool. I think a choice of prints is such an aspect of one's personality and style. I am sure whichever you choose will be perfect for you.


  4. I hear you on the Virgo thing, I'm constantly seeing how I can improve practically everything in my household :) I think the vogue print has to be my fave black, white & red just works so well in prints...



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