I have recently become completely 100% hooked on Gossip Girl. I know, I know where have I been? The series ended a 'bajillion' years ago and yet it is only now, thanks to Netflix that I have become slightly, just a little bit obsessed. This coupled with Blake Lively's jaw dropping appearance at Cannes Film Festival has spawned a new obsession; Blake Lively herself. I am talking about her style of course.

Day to day she shies away from the limelight but when a red carpet is put in place Blake Lively shines flawlessly. Her style cannot be pinned to one genre and it is never 'safe', this I love! One thing I have been asking myself and has been intriguing me is where did this new love start? Did my love for Serena make me stand up and take notice of Blake's Cannes appearance or did her appearance make me want a daily fix of Serena style in the form of Gossip Girl? With today's ability to access full series on demand is it really suprising that there seems to be a crossover between make believe and real life? Either way Blake Lively has a certain grace that is simply stunning and I will never underestimate her style prowess again.

For now my lovelies...xoxo.


  1. absolutely lovign your blog hun! following you on insta, bloglovin and gfc now, keep it up! xx


  2. loved Blake Lively's style! She looked amazing :) just followed you too lovely!
    I'm over at trustinvogue.com if you fancy a look! xxx



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