Style Envy #7

I am completely in awe of Victoria Beckham and not for the reasons that you may think (money, fame, David Beckham), but for her incredible drive, incredible career and incredible ability to turn her image around full circle and have the entire fashion world eating out of the palm of her hand. Yes I am well aware I just said incredible three times, but in Victoria Beckham's case it's ok.

I am sure Victoria would be the first to admit that she wasn't always taken seriously as a person let alone within the fashion community, in fact I think laughing stock has been bandied about, albeit unfairly. Spice Girls was closely followed by 'Wagdom' which was closely followed by a solo 'career', we all remember that Dane Bowers incident and then, out of nowhere emerged this impeccably dressed fashion powerhouse. Her first Victoria Beckham ready to wear collection debuted to low expectations and boy did the fashion industry eat their hats, her fashion empire is going from strength to strength and the powerhouse herself can't seem to put a foot wrong. Alongside those stunningly adorable children this women has it all and yet I don't feel an ounce of jealously towards her. What I do feel is that this is a hardworking, highly respectable woman that deserves everything she has and I don't for one second believe she takes any of it for granted.

When it comes to Victoria Beckham's style, simple, chic and immaculate are the three words I would choose to describe it. Every now and then she will throw a complete curve ball and shock us all ie. the cloud dress and yet it is still simple, chic and immaculate. I long for the day I own a piece of Victoria Beckham but for now I just keep looking to the lovely lady for style inspiration. Are you fan of Victoria Beckham? Who is your favourite style icon?


  1. Hi, Luzzie. I am a huge fan of Bictoria Brckham's. You did a great job of explaining the reasons she is so admired. I respect her for all that she has accomplished.


  2. Awesome post! A huge fan of her style!!!!

  3. i love VB's style, she dresses so well!

    from helen at

  4. loooove this post! Such an amazing piece on her in Vogue.




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