Style Envy #6 - Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a real girls girl, if you happened to watch Graham Norton last night (I am a huge fan of Graham!) then you will have seen Emma and you will know exactly what I mean and you will understand why I love her. She is funny, stunning albeit not conventionally which I think makes her even more gorgeous and her style is impeccable.

I really relate to Emma's style, day to day she is very simple and casual yet chic but when it comes to red carpet events she pushes the boundaries and becomes a style chameleon. I love that she is daring enough to change not only her hair colour so drastically but she really takes risks and they always pay off. Only Emma could go from an old Hollywood look to a PVC thigh split dress! Are you a fan of Emma Stone? Which is your favourite look? 


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  2. She's so beautiful and literally suits every single hair colour which makes me very jealous haha xx

  3. Ah she has a great style, so simple yet pretty!
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  4. I love Emma Stone she's gorgeous but also seems to have a nice personality!

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  5. The red dress she was wearing on the red carpet is gorgeous :)

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  10. Lovely post.

  11. I love this! Emma Stone is fabulous RR xx

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  13. She always looks so good, even when she is dressed casually!

    Hannah x



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