Topshop Nail Varnish in Threadbare, Accessorize Rings

I love a good nail product, I actually get anxious when my nails are chipped or unpainted, that's not normal is it? I did a post last year on white nail varnish and it seems my white polish love hasn't diminished at all. 

Threadbare from Topshop is an off white colour, unlike my pure white polish from Topshop it is much more wearable. It only requires two coats (unlike the white) so it goes on smoother and lasts much longer. As it is off white it is much more flattering on a variety of skin tones, I can wear this colour even when I dont't have a tan. I really am a big fan of the Topshop nail varnishes, at £5 it is easy to rack up quite a bill once you've picked up a few of their new colours, which in my case is very often, but there colour selection is incredible and personally I feel like no other. Are you fan of Topshop nail varnish? Which is your favourite colour that you think I should give a go? I always appreciate your recommendations!

Striped Jewel

Topshop Jamie Jean, Antropologie Jumper, Topshop Suede Brogues, Zara Bag

I have been loving my jeans recently, it is all I seem to be wearing, is that boring? I love how versatile they are and I have really loved dressing them up and down for days and evenings. These Topshop Jamie jeans with the ankle zips are the latest in my collection and they are amazing, I can't wait to purchase them in different colours. They look amazing paired with stilettos, stay tuned for this look! This Antropologie jumper is completely different to my usual style but when I saw it I knew I had to have it and it has been worth every penny. The stripes and jewls go perfectly together and the collar is removable what's not to love?

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Sunday! I have been spending it with family and copious amounts of chocolate, what have you been up to?

Style Envy #6 - Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a real girls girl, if you happened to watch Graham Norton last night (I am a huge fan of Graham!) then you will have seen Emma and you will know exactly what I mean and you will understand why I love her. She is funny, stunning albeit not conventionally which I think makes her even more gorgeous and her style is impeccable.

I really relate to Emma's style, day to day she is very simple and casual yet chic but when it comes to red carpet events she pushes the boundaries and becomes a style chameleon. I love that she is daring enough to change not only her hair colour so drastically but she really takes risks and they always pay off. Only Emma could go from an old Hollywood look to a PVC thigh split dress! Are you a fan of Emma Stone? Which is your favourite look? 

Funk My Life Up

Jumper Twenty8Twelve, Jeans Topshop, Slip Ons ASOS, Watch Marc Jacobs, Ring Thomas Sabo, Bag Urban Outfitters

All I have to say is, I LOVE Twenty8Twelve and I LOVE slip ons...

My slip on collection is getting out of control, but the comfort and practicality factor means it's ok right? As for Twenty8Twelve, they can do no wrong, and with Sienna Miller behind them it isn't really suprising. Whenever I am lucky enough to own a piece of this chic boho esque brand I never seem to take it off which has definitely been the case with this jumper, it is my go to when I want to be comfy but still feel nice. Do you own a piece of clothing that is your ultimate go to?

Falling Back In Love

After seriously falling out of love with Zara last season I think it is safe to say I have seriously fallen back in love with them. I haven't shopped in a very long time (I know shocked faces all round) but I have recently moved house and all of my shopping has been done on the home. Which to be honest I have loved, interiors are my new favourite thing but after looking at my wardrobe completely stumped a few too many times I thought it was time to treat myself.

So I found myself on Zara 'new in' hoping they had upped their game and fortunately/unfortunately I want everything! Their pieces have a very Alexander Wang feel to them and that was always going to be a winner for me, I mean those striped trousers, sarong shorts and studio shorts are just to die for. I need them and I need them now! It honestly felt like the whole S/S collection was designed especially for me and me alone, I am more than happy to believe this and use it as my justification to buy everything. Now where do I start?

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