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I am going to admit something now that some of may think is 'trampy' and unforgivable but hopefully more of you will be thinking 'I have done that on more than one occasion'. My favourite black high waisted skinny jeans have had a hole in them (on the inner thigh area) for a good few months and I hae continued to wear them, and wear them, and wear them. At first it was just a little hole and I thought 'oh it's not too bad, I can still wear these' but as time has gone on that hole has got bigger and bigger. Which brings me to today, the hole is so big now I cannot get away with wearing them any longer and I have to do the unthinkable, throw the PERFECT pair of jeans away, sob... 

Jeans are and have always been a tricky thing for me, what fits me perfectly around the waist is far too tight on my hips and what hugs my hips, gapes at the waist, so when I find THE pair I tend to wear them to death. Having not bought a new pair of jeans for over a year (I know how have I managed this?!) I thought it was about time to refresh my jean drawer with not one but a few pairs of jeans, well as many as I can afford. This led to me scouring Polyvore and creating the above jeans wish list, if money was no object I would purchase each and every pair. I think they would keep me going for awhile don't you? 

Do you struggle to find the perfect jeans? What's your fail safe brand?

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