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Clinique take the day off cleansing balm

As you can tell from the second picture here I have made sure to give this product a thorough trial before giving you lovelies a review. I have been trying to find my holy grail cleanser for years, using one thinking I've fallen in love with it only to fall straight out of love a month later.  Hearing lots of rave reviews about cleansing balms sent me on a mission to find the one I wanted to try, having used Clinique for years it seemed the natural go to for me and I can tell you now, I am a cleansing balm convert!

This product has transformed my skin and skincare routine. It starts solid then when massaged between the fingertips becomes creamy. I then massage this all over my (dry) face, even my eyes, and wash off with warm water. It removes makeup better then any cleanser I have used, even removing eye makeup which I have always found a struggle and it doesn't sting the eyes at all. In the evening I do this twice to ensure I give my skin a deep cleanse after a full day of makeup and fumes. In the morning once is plenty. Each and every time my skin feels heavenly, refreshed, clear and most importantly clean! I bought this tub in September and I am still only half way through, personally I believe it is worth the £21 price tag!

Have you used a cleansing balm before? What did you think?



  1. Sounds lovely and I do like a good cleanser, so I think this might be the first cleansing balm that I get :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I've never tried anything like this before it sounds lovely


  3. I really want to give it a go, but I've tried a few clinique things and never been overly impressed!!

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


  4. This sounds amazing, nothing takes my eye make up off, need to try.


  5. This looks really different and sounds like a nice product, I'd definitely give this a go!



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