Fixed On Drama

Fixed On Drama MAC Lipstick, Dress Zara, Shirt Camden Market
I intended to write this post way back in September when I did this Topshop Lip Cream review here. It was meant to be a two part review on my favourite deep wine lip colours for the winter however as previously mentioned my new job may have got in the way of that post going out to you lovely people. I have also just talked about this lipstick in my 2013 Beauty favourites post here, I still wanted to do this post though as this really has been the lipstick for me this winter and I have no doubt it will continue to be my go to right up until spring.
It was the beginning of September and my bank wasn't looking too healthy when Dan (my boyfriend) wanted to go shopping. We headed to Meadowhall, our local shopping centre/mall, as he was looking at shoes I decided to have a wander to the MAC counter. Now I had no intention of buying anything as it had just been my birthday, I had received £100 MAC vouchers and had spent them all in quick succession so I thought I was set with MAC products for awhile. There were four new MAC lipsticks set apart from all the rest, I was told they were part of a new matte collection, immediately I knew this was the colour I had been searching for. It was much darker than all the other wine colours I had tried and it was this fact that sealed the deal for me. The colour, I believe, is stunning, perfect for winter and I love the completely matte effect. With it being matte I expected it to be quite drying but it actually feels very moisturising. Last but not least it has amazing staying power, it stays on through drinking and eating (especially when used with a lip liner) and only needs reapplying every 4-6 hours.
Apologies if you are bored of seeing this lipstick but a lot of people have asked me about it! What is your go to lip colour for the winter?


  1. That colour looks perfect on you x

  2. Definitely want a lippy in this colour - looks lovely! Becca x

  3. Oh wow that's an amazing lipstick colour on you xx

  4. It's a really nice colour on you !!!
    I like it !



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