2013 Beauty Favourites

So I have jumped on the bandwagon by doing a 2013 beauty favourites posts but it is purely because these are some of my favourite posts to read. I love them, they are great for finding inspiration for new products to buy! The amount of these posts I have read and YouTube 'favourites' videos I have watched recently is scary so I'll keep that number to myself, I'm sure everyone has right? I have picked my top five beauty favourites as I could have gone on forever and I will try to not waffle on.

Firstly this lipstick has not left my side since I bought it. I am almost certain it didn't come out until September time but I don't know how I manage without it. A deep wine colour with a matte finish that still feels moisturising. This was what I had been looking for and it really doesn't disappoint if you are after a dark winter look. If you want to see it on I am wearing it in this post.  
Now I have to admit this has been a more recent purchase but I have fallen completely in love it. I used to use a MAC foundation brush to apply my foundation and had done for at least two years, when I saw this brush in a YouTube video (sorry I can't remember which one) I had to try it. It says 'it allows you to build up coverage and create a flawless airbrushed finish', all I can say is this is not a lie. Since I have been using this brush people have constantly been asking me what foundation I am wearing and why my skin looks so nice (especially after an indulgent festive season). My foundation has remained the same more or less all year so it has to be this brush it creates the most beautiful finish and I can't wait to increase my real techniques collection. 
I bought this foundation at the beginning of the year and even though I may have dabbled with other foundations throughout the year I always find myself coming back to this one. It is incredibly light on the skin yet gives amazing coverage. It has been a life saver now I am working full time, I put my makeup on at 6.30am and don't get home to 6pm onwards at night. My skin never feels cakey, heavy or clogged and I have very few breakouts to say I am wearing foundation for such long hours. One bottle will also last a very long time as you need very little each time you apply.
You may think this is cheating but this eye shadow palette has transformed my makeup look in the past year. I never used to wear much eye shadow, it only really came out for special occasions. As the year has progressed I have become more experimental and my palette has grown and grown. I am itching to fill my last three spots! If you have any MAC eye shadow recommendations please let me know below! It has to be my favourite piece of makeup as I think it looks stunning, I literally spend hours looking at it and playing around with the colours and their positioning. Oh and the random green colour was for a makeup look I did on my mum in September. If I get some good recommendations for new colours below I will probably swap it out, oooh and I may also do a giveaway of the colours I add to my palette from your recommendations!

Lastly is this tiny little bottle. Clinique bottom lash mascara has been my saviour this year. Watching Tanya Burr's YouTube videos opened my eyes to this and I couldn't believe that more people hadn't raved about it. I always used to get that annoying black smudge under my eyes throughout the day and I would be constantly checking for it until I got my hands on this amazing product! It has a tiny wand that makes sure all your bottom lashes are covered and will not smudge at all. You would think this would make it difficult to remove but it still comes off easily with cleanser, just another plus I think. I honestly believe everyone should have this in the makeup bag.
I hope you have enjoyed this post as much I enjoy reading them, I had a lot of fun writing it! I would love to hear what your favourite products of 2013 have been so please leave me a comment below, and remember if I get enough recommendations for MAC eye shadow colours for my palette I would love to do a giveaway! Oh and all of these products are linked in their headers!


  1. So jealous of that gorgeous MAC palette! I've never tried any MAC shadows so I can't give any recommendations I'm afraid :(
    Have you tried any of the other Real Techniques brushes? I think they're all great :)

  2. I was tempted to pick up the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara and I think I have more the reason to! Great post

    Cariad xx


  3. That mac lippy is such a gorgeous colour!!

  4. Real techniques brushes are amazon I love mine xx



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