The Wolf of Wall Street

I apologise for how late this post is, I have had it written for two weeks now, I just haven't managed to transfer it from my notepad onto my blog! By now I'm sure many of have seen this film, but I really wanted to publish this post so hopefully you will still enjoy reading it, even if it is a little outdated.

I want to start by saying that I am a massive fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, I have seen and love almost every film that he has done from Titanic to Blood Diamond to Django, my list is endless! Yet when The Wolf of Wall Street finished I sat in the cinema utterly perplexed.

On the one hand I thought it was bloody brilliant, on the other hand I hated it but one thing for sure, I haven't stopped thinking about it and I need to see it again. Have I lost you yet? Don't worry I will make sense of what I am saying, this film just wasn't what I was expecting. The acting I could say immediately was incredible, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill were an impeccable pairing, completely believable in their respective parts and utterly hilarious and don't get me started on my now (obsession) with Margot Robbie, the women is a 'duchess'. Her Brooklyn accent was pitch perfect and lets be honest not many could pull of 'that' scene looking that amazing and still be a firm favourite with women everywhere. How many 22 year olds from soaps like Neighbours make their film debut with Leo and Marty? One, that's how many, it says something about the amazing Margot.

I have to mention Jonah's teeth which almost stole the show, joking aside, Jonah completely made his part his own and he had me in stitches throughout. If you hadn't already guessed, my opinion on this film has gone full circle and I can now honestly say it has been added to, if not topped, my list. I have read a few reviews that have accused the film of portraying Jordan Belfort in too positive a light and making the victims look like helpless saps. I'm not too sure I agree with this as quite frankly I thought Jordan throughout the film was a bit of a t**t! I didn't aspire to his lifestyle nor did I aspire be like him, I simply enjoyed and believed the actors portrayal of a completely ridiculous and unsustainable life. That at the end of the day is how I judge a film, was it enjoyable? Was it acted well? Did it portray what it set out to portray? Yes, yes and yes.

Have you seen this film? What did you think of it? I also wouldn't be surprised if you see a lot of Margot Robbie on here! Please let me know below whether you enjoyed this quick review, I would love to hear what you think! 

Style Envy #5

What is there not to love about Suki Waterhouse? That face. That hair. That body AND that style! She is so effortless it's almost a sin that she is so amazing. I find her style quite quirky however not so much you wouldn't be able to pull it off in every day life, and she rocks a matching patterned suit like no other. Her shoe collection is out of this world, they always look like simple courts, stilettos etc. but if you look closely there's always something just a little bit different about them and she is girlfriend of the delectable Bradley Cooper. Need I say more? Are you fan of Suki and her style?

take the day off

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm

As you can tell from the second picture here I have made sure to give this product a thorough trial before giving you lovelies a review. I have been trying to find my holy grail cleanser for years, using one thinking I've fallen in love with it only to fall straight out of love a month later.  Hearing lots of rave reviews about cleansing balms sent me on a mission to find the one I wanted to try, having used Clinique for years it seemed the natural go to for me and I can tell you now, I am a cleansing balm convert!

This product has transformed my skin and skincare routine. It starts solid then when massaged between the fingertips becomes creamy. I then massage this all over my (dry) face, even my eyes, and wash off with warm water. It removes makeup better then any cleanser I have used, even removing eye makeup which I have always found a struggle and it doesn't sting the eyes at all. In the evening I do this twice to ensure I give my skin a deep cleanse after a full day of makeup and fumes. In the morning once is plenty. Each and every time my skin feels heavenly, refreshed, clear and most importantly clean! I bought this tub in September and I am still only half way through, personally I believe it is worth the £21 price tag!

Have you used a cleansing balm before? What did you think?


New York, New York

New York, New York it's so good they named it twice. Not much else really needs to be said. Me and Dan (my boyfriend) went to New York just before Christmas and it was AMAZING! So I hope you can forgive the image heavy post again. I fell in love with New York the minute I step foot in the city, everything about it is incredible and at Christmas time it was even better. The buildings were stunning with their height and detailing. The flat iron building was definitely my favourite. The one thing I will say it was unbelievably cold hence where there aren't any particularly 'stylish' photos. Comfort over style was a must on this trip! It actually snowed for a full day and we somehow managed to stay sat on the top of the open top bus, I was numb when we got off. Keeping perfectly in keeping with todays generation Dan actually managed to get a photo of me....yup taking a 'selfie'.
Have you ever been to New York? If you are planning on going and need any tips just ask me I am more than happy to help! 

Fixed On Drama

Fixed On Drama MAC Lipstick, Dress Zara, Shirt Camden Market
I intended to write this post way back in September when I did this Topshop Lip Cream review here. It was meant to be a two part review on my favourite deep wine lip colours for the winter however as previously mentioned my new job may have got in the way of that post going out to you lovely people. I have also just talked about this lipstick in my 2013 Beauty favourites post here, I still wanted to do this post though as this really has been the lipstick for me this winter and I have no doubt it will continue to be my go to right up until spring.
It was the beginning of September and my bank wasn't looking too healthy when Dan (my boyfriend) wanted to go shopping. We headed to Meadowhall, our local shopping centre/mall, as he was looking at shoes I decided to have a wander to the MAC counter. Now I had no intention of buying anything as it had just been my birthday, I had received £100 MAC vouchers and had spent them all in quick succession so I thought I was set with MAC products for awhile. There were four new MAC lipsticks set apart from all the rest, I was told they were part of a new matte collection, immediately I knew this was the colour I had been searching for. It was much darker than all the other wine colours I had tried and it was this fact that sealed the deal for me. The colour, I believe, is stunning, perfect for winter and I love the completely matte effect. With it being matte I expected it to be quite drying but it actually feels very moisturising. Last but not least it has amazing staying power, it stays on through drinking and eating (especially when used with a lip liner) and only needs reapplying every 4-6 hours.
Apologies if you are bored of seeing this lipstick but a lot of people have asked me about it! What is your go to lip colour for the winter?

2013 Beauty Favourites

So I have jumped on the bandwagon by doing a 2013 beauty favourites posts but it is purely because these are some of my favourite posts to read. I love them, they are great for finding inspiration for new products to buy! The amount of these posts I have read and YouTube 'favourites' videos I have watched recently is scary so I'll keep that number to myself, I'm sure everyone has right? I have picked my top five beauty favourites as I could have gone on forever and I will try to not waffle on.

Firstly this lipstick has not left my side since I bought it. I am almost certain it didn't come out until September time but I don't know how I manage without it. A deep wine colour with a matte finish that still feels moisturising. This was what I had been looking for and it really doesn't disappoint if you are after a dark winter look. If you want to see it on I am wearing it in this post.  
Now I have to admit this has been a more recent purchase but I have fallen completely in love it. I used to use a MAC foundation brush to apply my foundation and had done for at least two years, when I saw this brush in a YouTube video (sorry I can't remember which one) I had to try it. It says 'it allows you to build up coverage and create a flawless airbrushed finish', all I can say is this is not a lie. Since I have been using this brush people have constantly been asking me what foundation I am wearing and why my skin looks so nice (especially after an indulgent festive season). My foundation has remained the same more or less all year so it has to be this brush it creates the most beautiful finish and I can't wait to increase my real techniques collection. 
I bought this foundation at the beginning of the year and even though I may have dabbled with other foundations throughout the year I always find myself coming back to this one. It is incredibly light on the skin yet gives amazing coverage. It has been a life saver now I am working full time, I put my makeup on at 6.30am and don't get home to 6pm onwards at night. My skin never feels cakey, heavy or clogged and I have very few breakouts to say I am wearing foundation for such long hours. One bottle will also last a very long time as you need very little each time you apply.
You may think this is cheating but this eye shadow palette has transformed my makeup look in the past year. I never used to wear much eye shadow, it only really came out for special occasions. As the year has progressed I have become more experimental and my palette has grown and grown. I am itching to fill my last three spots! If you have any MAC eye shadow recommendations please let me know below! It has to be my favourite piece of makeup as I think it looks stunning, I literally spend hours looking at it and playing around with the colours and their positioning. Oh and the random green colour was for a makeup look I did on my mum in September. If I get some good recommendations for new colours below I will probably swap it out, oooh and I may also do a giveaway of the colours I add to my palette from your recommendations!

Lastly is this tiny little bottle. Clinique bottom lash mascara has been my saviour this year. Watching Tanya Burr's YouTube videos opened my eyes to this and I couldn't believe that more people hadn't raved about it. I always used to get that annoying black smudge under my eyes throughout the day and I would be constantly checking for it until I got my hands on this amazing product! It has a tiny wand that makes sure all your bottom lashes are covered and will not smudge at all. You would think this would make it difficult to remove but it still comes off easily with cleanser, just another plus I think. I honestly believe everyone should have this in the makeup bag.
I hope you have enjoyed this post as much I enjoy reading them, I had a lot of fun writing it! I would love to hear what your favourite products of 2013 have been so please leave me a comment below, and remember if I get enough recommendations for MAC eye shadow colours for my palette I would love to do a giveaway! Oh and all of these products are linked in their headers!

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