Coffee Pencil

I have been wearing a lot of neutral colour eye shadows recently and a lot more often then I would usually wear eye shadow, even using it during the day and I was starting to feel that my trusty old black eyeliner was looking too harsh against the neutrals. So I decided a brown eye pencil was in ordered. Now I have seen a lot of reviews on a lot of different brands and colours but the MAC coffee eye pencil really stood out to me.
I like that it isn't a really light shade of brown, you can still get that smouldering, smoky look with this pencil and it is a lot warmer than black. It goes on really smoothly, has great lasting power and looks incredible against every colour in my MAC neutrals palette. I really cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for a brown eyeliner. At £14 it is more expensive than eyeliners you could pick up in a drugstore which may or may not do the same thing but I think it is more than worth it. I honestly can't see it running out any time soon either so I am incredibly happy, if you couldn't tell! What colour eyeliner do you beauties use? Do you have a brown one that you love?

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  1. I have never used a brown eyeliner before, ALWAYS black! I may have to break the habit..




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