If you have been following my blog for awhile you will know how obsessed with lip products I am! My collection of lipsticks is a bit ridiculous and for A/W I have been obsessed with finding a really dark berry/wine colour, when last weekend I found not one but two! I love each of them so much and haven't really taken them off since. I considered doing a joint post to show how they differ but they are both SO amazing in their own right they deserve their own post.
First up is this lip cream from Topshop called Smart. I was really intrigued by this as the colour is incredible yet it has a lip gloss applicator and I wasn't sure how easily it would go on and how much depth the colour would actually have. As you may have guessed by now I was pleasantly surprised. The colour goes on completely opaque and can be built up depending on how deep you want the colour to be, on the picture above I have just two coats which creates a perfect wine colour. It is trickier than a lipstick to get the perfect shape of your lips with this applicator and because it is quite 'liquidy' (my new made up word!) However it isn't hard enough to put me off, with a little practice it gets a lot easier. Topping up is also a breeze after the initial application as you already have the shape. It is incredibly moisturising and has very good lasting power.
If you hadn't figure out by now I AM IN LOVE with this lip cream, just putting it out there. I am incredibly tempted to add the other two colours to my collection. Have you tried any of the lip creams? Are you liking this colour for A/W? My other wine colour lipstick will follow so let me know if you are looking forward to seeing that!

Dior Rose Diamond

I used to use a liquid highlighter until it ran out and I decided to try something a little different. I had always heard good things about the Dior highlighters so I made my way to a counter and swatched Dior Amber Diamond and Dior Rose Diamond. I am a massive fan of pink blushers so I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous colours in Rose Diamond and I always love that it can be used for a multitude of functions. It is stunning as a highlighter, giving a gorgeous shimmery glow to the skin. It feels silky on the skin and beautifully catches the light. The darker shades can be built up as a blusher and thanks to Tanya Burr I recently discovered one more use for this product, eye shadow. I came across an old tutorial where Tanya swept her brushes across all the shades to get a gorgeous natural looking shadow colour. I have since tried this and love the effect it creates!
At £32 this is an expensive product but it is a lovely product that I believe makes a great gift if you can persuade someone to buy it you, or simply treat yourself! Have you ever tried this product? Which highlighter do you use?

Clinique Liquid Illuminator

As I have combination skin some dewy, 'glowy' foundations such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation just don't last on my skin, which I find slightly annoying as I don't always want a completely matte finish to my skin. So when I came across this up-lighting liquid illuminator on a recent trip to the Clinique counter I was very happy. One pump as shown in the picture above is enough to be mixed with your foundation to create a gorgeous all over glow to the skin. It glides on evenly and feels incredibly light and the best part is it is suitable for all skin tones and types as it is 100% oil free.
At £21 it is quite expensive but it is a multi purpose product that can be used alone on bare skin and also as a highlighter for brow bones and contouring cheeks. It also lasts a very long time! If like me you struggle to find a foundation that creates a natural glowing complexion that will last all day this really will be your saviour. I love to wear it with my Clinique super balance foundation in the daytime for natural luminous skin that still has shine control. Have you ever used this product? Or do you use a similar product from a different brand? I would love to know about some others.

Sugar Crush

The autumn weather really is upon us now and I was thinking the other day its about time I started up my body exfoliation once again. I have a bit of summer tan that is lingering but has gone a bit patchy, so I repurchased my favourite body scrub and suddenly realised I had never told you guys about it! This was unbelievable to me as I tell everyone I speak to, yes I love this product THAT much. I have always been a fan of Soap & Glory products so it didn't take me long to find their Sugar Crush body scrub.
First thing to report, it smells incredible, sweet and a little bit like cake which is just yum! The granules feel quite large which at first is a little scary, (I did wonder if I would have any skin left), but it isn't that harsh on the skin. It removes dry skin leaving it feeling super soft and smooth. It suggests using the scrub two to three times a week depending on the dryness and flakiness of your skin. Personally I use it once maybe twice which is plenty as I don't have the driest of skin. Now I am desperate to get the Sugar Crush body wash as the smell is just scrummy.
Do you use Soap & Glory products? Which is your favourite? 

Coffee Pencil

I have been wearing a lot of neutral colour eye shadows recently and a lot more often then I would usually wear eye shadow, even using it during the day and I was starting to feel that my trusty old black eyeliner was looking too harsh against the neutrals. So I decided a brown eye pencil was in ordered. Now I have seen a lot of reviews on a lot of different brands and colours but the MAC coffee eye pencil really stood out to me.
I like that it isn't a really light shade of brown, you can still get that smouldering, smoky look with this pencil and it is a lot warmer than black. It goes on really smoothly, has great lasting power and looks incredible against every colour in my MAC neutrals palette. I really cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for a brown eyeliner. At £14 it is more expensive than eyeliners you could pick up in a drugstore which may or may not do the same thing but I think it is more than worth it. I honestly can't see it running out any time soon either so I am incredibly happy, if you couldn't tell! What colour eyeliner do you beauties use? Do you have a brown one that you love?

Figs & Rouge

I received this lip balm in my Glossybox last month and at first sight I fell in love with it. Who wouldn't with super cute packaging and it being 100% natural. However I am sad to say it didn't live up to its packaging. The little blurb that came with it told me it was primarily for festivals as you were able to apply it without using your fingers, but I actually found this aspect quite difficult. It is very hard to evenly spread across your lips without fingers and the plastic catches your lips and can be quite painful. The texture is also quite 'bitty' for want of a better word and when reapplied this effect is even worse. I also didn't find it moisturising at all, in fact my lips seemed to get more dry and flaky. Two good things it does smell and taste rather nice.
I tried to use this as long as I could but after two weeks struggling I went back to my trusty Blistex Plus, which is incredible hydrating! Have you ever used this lip balm? Which lip balm do you swear by?

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