Style Envy #4

The last few months have been unbelievable busy for me what with graduating, starting and finishing an internship and working, so I had earmarked today for a little bit of relaxation and a chance to get things organised! That is exactly what I have been doing. If you follow me on Twitter here , you will know that I have been organising my blog and applying for numerous jobs so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I haven't done a style envy post for awhile, which is surprising as they are one of my favourites. I am constantly scrolling through the internet for style inspiration and I always keep an eye out for my favourite celebrities. One of which is Kate Bosworth. Her style is simple and elegant yet still has a casual slightly boho vibe to it and she pulls it off exceptionally well. She always looks effortlessly chic and I am constantly taking inspiration for my own wardrobe.

Who are your style icons? I am always looking for more inspiration!


  1. I love how effortless she always looks! I love Karlie Kloss' style so much! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. I have different coloured eyes too, it's called heterochromia :-)

  3. I love that little bag in the first three pictures - it's so cute! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. It's not just style envy, she gives me major face envy too!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  5. I get hair envy when I see this girl! My style icon at the moment is Ana Paquin, shes such a wee babe! xox

    The Style Khaleesi



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