Graduation Day-Night

So my graduation was actually a week or maybe even two weeks ago now but I have been THAT busy I have only just found the time to show you some photos from the day. I actually ended up enjoying myself a lot more than I thought I would and I think my mum and dad were happy to be there so that was nice. My graduation was actually in Nottingham and unfortunately I was only able to get two tickets so just me and my parents went to Nottingham for the ceremony (where I wore one outfit) then we came back to Sheffield for a meal in the evening (where I changed into another outfit).

Ages ago Dan (my boyfriend) got called out to Manchester on a Saturday for work and I decided to go for a mooch about. I ended up buying a lot of things, including what was to be my graduation day outfit, so all in all a great success really. It was £15 I think from H&M, cream with a drop waist which I have been loving for ages but couldn't find one that I loved so I was very happy when I saw this in the Arndale centre. I think it is still available to buy and it also comes in black! At night I wore this red Zara dress that was £20 in the sale and is literally the comfiest, most flattering dress EVER. I love it I just wish they had it in a number of different colours, I think turquoise would be gorgeous!I had a lovely day and evening with all mine and Dan's family. Which outfit is your favourite? Day or night?

Just a quick one I have become ridiculously obsessed with makeup, makeup tutorials and I am trying to be more adventurous with my own. If you would like to see all the makeup I have been purchasing recently and the new looks I am going to be trying please comment below! I would love to do them for you so hopefully you will be as excited as I am!


  1. Congrats on graduating :) my graduation day feels like a lifetime away now!

    Love the colour of that dress too!

    I would love for you to take a look at my blog and my latest post on how to Steal Rihanna's BOY London Style.

    Charlie xx Fashion & Style Blog

  2. congratulations! you look gorgeous :) loving your blog, new follower on GFC & bloglovin :D

  3. congratulations! you look lovely in both outfits :-) I saw the H&M dress in store - the material is gorgeous isn't it! Can't wait to see some makeup posts too!
    rebekah emilia xxx

  4. Nice blog! I have nominated your for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more information! xx

  5. Congratulations:) Wishing you all the best from now on.x You look amazing in both outfits, Love how summery your night dress looks.x Would love to see some make-up tutorials.x

  6. Congratulations on graduating! You looked lovely :) Your blog is great xx



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