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I have a slight addiction to nail polish, my collection is slightly ridiculous and I am forever changing the colour (if I don't have a gel manicure). I went into Topshop recently to get a replacement for my 'Nice and Nautical' polish that had just run out and they didn't have it! I searched high and low and ask the assistant and she said it had been discontinued. I LOVE this colour hence why I was in need of a new one so if you guys know of an alternative out there please please let me know!
I was also looking for a light grey polish as my old one seemed to have gone walkabouts, I have no idea where it disappeared to but again this is a favourite nail colour of mine. When I saw this matte nail polish I knew I had to have it, it was the light grey I was looking for and with a texture. I do love a textured nail. This went onto the nail really easily and gives great coverage. It goes on glossy and dry's matte (not sure if you can really see the matte effect in these pictures). I was really pleased with this polish and will definitely be picking it up in a few different colours. The Brutal (dark purple) is next on my wish list! Have you tried this polish? What do you think?

Clinique 3-Step

(Clinique Face Wash, Clarifying Toner and Moisturising Gel available here )
I recently had a bit of a skin meltdown, I was getting breakouts, clogged pores and my combination type skin was feeling more like oily type skin. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I decided a skincare overhaul was needed, I wanted to properly try it out for a couple of weeks before I gave you guys a review. I used to use Simple products which for the most part I did enjoy using and was much more affordable whilst I was University. However now I am back at home and have a bit more spare cash I wanted to try something slightly more high end.
Clinique was the very first makeup brand I ever wore as my mum also uses their products so straight away I knew I wanted to go here for my new skincare. I was given a full skin consultation which reiterated that I do have combination skin and the 3-step skincare number 3 was suggested to me. The sales rep tried out these products on my skin and they instantly felt refreshing, soothing and moisturising without feeling heavy. I came away with step 1 the liquid facial soap, step 2 clarifying lotion and step 3 dramatically different moisturising gel, as well as sample size bottles of each which are perfect for travelling.
I have been doing my new skincare routine for two weeks now and I am completely sold on Clinique's 3-Step skincare and would definitely recommend it. There are four different levels to match four different skin types so you will be sure to get a skincare set that is perfectly suited to your personal skin type. Not only does my skin feel cleaner and more refreshed, my foundation sits better and lasts longer as my oily t-zone is more controlled. Yet my skin still has a lovely natural glowing look that I love!
Have you ever tried Clinique? What skincare do you beauties use and love?

Pattern on Pattern

(Jacket Zara, Top Zara, Shorts Levis, Bag Michael Kors, Sandals Topshop)
If you have been following my blog for awhile you will have already seen this jacket in an outfit post here. It is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, I think it makes a real difference to any outfit whether that be a white t-shirt or a cute summer dress as I have also worn it. I absolutely love how it looks against the black and white stripy top. My bag was a gift for my graduation, it is Michael Kors and is my new pride and joy, I LOVE it, I am a massive fan of anything Michael Kors related. The colour, the squashy soft leather and how it just feels quality. It also effortlessly adds a pop to every outfit which I love. My shorts were bought on my most recent trip to America in San Francisco from the Levis flagship store. To me they make a change to my cut off denim shorts and they are so incredibly comfy whilst looking a bit less casual.
What do you guys think of this look? Is there a designer bag out there that you are lusting after?

Girl About Town

For some strange reason I used to think that a pink lipstick would make me look to 'barbieish' but when I saw this colour at my local MAC counter (I know where have I been?!) I couldn't resist it. I swatched the lipstick and bought it straight away adding to my rather large MAC lipstick collection. Since then it hasn't been off my lips! The colour is amazing, so bright and vibrant it really adds that final pop to an outfit. Part of the amplified collection it feels silky smooth on and I found it incredibly moisturising. Another benefit? This literally will not budge of your lips!

What do you think of this colour? What is your favourite MAC lipstick colour? I am always wanting to add even more to my collection!

Style Envy #4

The last few months have been unbelievable busy for me what with graduating, starting and finishing an internship and working, so I had earmarked today for a little bit of relaxation and a chance to get things organised! That is exactly what I have been doing. If you follow me on Twitter here , you will know that I have been organising my blog and applying for numerous jobs so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I haven't done a style envy post for awhile, which is surprising as they are one of my favourites. I am constantly scrolling through the internet for style inspiration and I always keep an eye out for my favourite celebrities. One of which is Kate Bosworth. Her style is simple and elegant yet still has a casual slightly boho vibe to it and she pulls it off exceptionally well. She always looks effortlessly chic and I am constantly taking inspiration for my own wardrobe.

Who are your style icons? I am always looking for more inspiration!

Beauty Haul #1

I don't know what has happened over the last two weeks but I have become makeup obsessed! I have always loved it but tended to spend the majority of my money on clothes, but something has changed. I have become more adventurous with my own makeup and I am constantly seeking out new products and looks to try, hence this rather large beauty haul. There are a number of other products on my lust list that I feel I need in my life, so I will be hitting the shops once again when payday comes around, oops!
I may be late to jump on the Benefit they're Real bandwagon but I was being sensible and waiting for my old mascara to run out. Now I don't know how I lasted without this in my makeup bag, I LOVE it and would highly recommend it to all you beauties. I'm sure you have seen many reviews but if you would like another let me know in the comments and I will happily do one for you guys! Next up I recently purchased this Clinique bottom lash mascara which again I couldn't live without now I've tried it. If you've never heard of this and tend to get smudges under your eyes throughout the day, buy this mascara! It does not budge and defines your bottom lashes beautifully. My felt tip pen type liquid liner ran out awhile ago and I decided I wanted something a bit more versatile and this Maybelline liquid liner came highly recommended. With such chic and classy packaging this feels MUCH more like a high end product.
This Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder is a translucent powder (so it will not add any colour to your face) and does exactly what it says on the tin. I use this on top of my foundation and I stay shine free for almost all of the day! I also love Soap & Glory product they have such fun names and packaging. My mum very kindly bought me the Dior rose diamond shimmer powder which is such a pretty highlighter and really helps contouring stand out. I bought this matte MAC bronzer as I was in desperate need of a bronzer (my face didn't match my body after a holiday), I didn't want anything that would add a shimmer to my face so this was perfect.
Girl about town is the latest addition to my MAC lipstick collection. I have always wanted a bright pink lipstick but felt my blonde hair may make me look a little too much like Barbie, however I couldn't resist this colour and I am so glad I bought it. It is such a pretty standout colour and I love wearing it, it is creamy to apply, moisturising and does not budge! I always use a lip liner with bright or dark coloured lips so I bought the MAC more to love lip liner which is the perfect match.
Clinique was the first foundation I ever wore (my mum has always been an avid user) and so I decided to go back to my routes and purchase a new foundation. I have combination oily skin so the superbalanced foundation was perfect for me, it is light to apply and gives medium coverage that can be built up if you prefer a full coverage. If I do fancy a more dewy look to my skin I simply mix the Clinique liquid illuminator with the foundation for a less matte finish. The Rimmel wake me up concealer gives great coverage and when used under the eyes really helps to wake them up.

Finally I purchased a few new Real Techniques brushed, I love these brushes they are super soft, amazing quality and really help your makeup to look flawless. They are also a lot more affordable than say MAC brushes. I apologise if you find this post really long but I absolutely love all my latest purchases and really wanted to share them with you!
Do you use and love any of these products? If you would like to see more in depth reviews on any of these products please let me know in the comments below!

Graduation Day-Night

So my graduation was actually a week or maybe even two weeks ago now but I have been THAT busy I have only just found the time to show you some photos from the day. I actually ended up enjoying myself a lot more than I thought I would and I think my mum and dad were happy to be there so that was nice. My graduation was actually in Nottingham and unfortunately I was only able to get two tickets so just me and my parents went to Nottingham for the ceremony (where I wore one outfit) then we came back to Sheffield for a meal in the evening (where I changed into another outfit).

Ages ago Dan (my boyfriend) got called out to Manchester on a Saturday for work and I decided to go for a mooch about. I ended up buying a lot of things, including what was to be my graduation day outfit, so all in all a great success really. It was £15 I think from H&M, cream with a drop waist which I have been loving for ages but couldn't find one that I loved so I was very happy when I saw this in the Arndale centre. I think it is still available to buy and it also comes in black! At night I wore this red Zara dress that was £20 in the sale and is literally the comfiest, most flattering dress EVER. I love it I just wish they had it in a number of different colours, I think turquoise would be gorgeous!I had a lovely day and evening with all mine and Dan's family. Which outfit is your favourite? Day or night?

Just a quick one I have become ridiculously obsessed with makeup, makeup tutorials and I am trying to be more adventurous with my own. If you would like to see all the makeup I have been purchasing recently and the new looks I am going to be trying please comment below! I would love to do them for you so hopefully you will be as excited as I am!

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