Wish List #1

(Gold Necklace Saks Fifth Avenue, Zimmerman Swimsuit, 31PhilipLim Leopard Sleeve Jumper, Urban Outfitters Moustache IPad Case, Urban Outfitters Pillow Cases & Polka Dot Backpack, Oliver People's Sunglasses, H&M Beach Cover Up, Del Toro Prince Albert Bone Canvas Slipper Loafers, Topshop Boutique Coat, Louboutin Heels, Urban Outfitters Ruffle Shower Curtain, Jerome C. Rosseau Juda Woven Bootie, Giambattista Valli Maxi Skirt)
If you follow me on Pinterest then you will already have seen many of these items as they are safely tucked away in my 'Things I Need.' board. This has to be one of my favourite boards as I constantly see things I like and then two days later cannot remember where I found them or who they were by, Pinterest allows me to keep them all in one place so I can lust after them as much as I want! These are some of my favourite items from my board, some I can afford, others will remain things I pine after, unless some very generous person decides to buy them for me (wishful thinking).
I am obsessed with Oliver People's sunglasses, I actually think I have about four pairs tucked away on Pinterest but these are the two that I love love love and will get, one day. Lots of summery items here simply because it is coming to summer. I had a massive clear out of my bikinis the other day and need a few more to fill in the gaps, I am obsessed with this black bikini and am going to go on a mission to find it once I have posted this post! The Zebra t-shirt is actually a child's top but as you may already be aware I have a thing for Zebra's on clothing at the minute and I thought it was cute. This ruffle shower curtain is also amazing and I am currently trying to persuade the boyfriend to let me install this in our house! I have seen many versions of the black cage heels and I am constantly kicking myself for not buying H&M's copycat pair when I saw them, so I am still on the lookout for an affordable pair, let me know if you find any! What do you think of my wish list, which item is your favourite? Do you have your own on Pinterest?


  1. Love love love the Oliver's People round sunglasses and Giambattista Valli skirt! Soooo many pretty things :)


  2. I love the black swimsuit!


  3. That gold swimsuit... I want!!!!


    Beka xx



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