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This post has been on my mind for awhile as I literally love red lipstick and wear it far too often, I could probably put it on in my sleep, so I wanted to share with you how to create the perfect red lip. I always always use a lip liner with dark colours as it creates a stronger looking lip, lasts longer and stops the colour bleeding out and ruining your make up. Ruby Woo is my go to red lipstick choice with the Mac Cherry lip liner, together they create a bright stand out look which I love. Red lips help to make a statement both with your make up and to an outfit and it is my fail safe when I may not be feeling too adventurous but want a popping look.
If you have flaky lips gently rub a dry toothbrush along them to leave your lips smooth and lipstick ready. Then I apply my lip liner going around the natural lip line and as you can see from the picture I colour almost all my lips in the lip liner, this really does help it to stick whether your eating or drinking! I then apply Ruby Woo, a generous amount to create strong look. Blot your lips and voila the perfect red lip! I would love recommendations on great lipstick brands and colours so please let me know what you use! Do you wear a lot of lipstick? What are you favourite brands and colours?


  1. I don't really wear much lipstick, but I would love to find a shade like yours! It's gorgeous!

    I just recently bought a lipstick from Maybelline in wine red, because I cannot get away with the red like yours, since my lips are so thin and my skin darker. So jealous! :) x
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  2. love everything!

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  3. This colour looks so nice on you! I never knew about the flaky lips using a toothbrush, definitely going to try that!

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  4. Another reason why I need Ruby Woo in my life... too bad I own way too many lipsticks already :/



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