Limited Edition Daisy

As I'm sure I have already told you Dan went away this weekend, when he returned he surprised me with this limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (I was very impressed)! Perfumes are a guilty pleasure of mine I buy them all the time and have seven at the moment, I am always happy for more! I wear the original Daisy perfume constantly, I love it's fresh summery smell, so when I saw this (I didn't even know it was out) I was very excited to try it. It did not disappoint! If you want a new scent for Spring/Summer I cannot recommend this enough, its light fruity smell is incredible and instantly makes you think of summer times. The insanely cool bottle helps as well! I didn't think it was possible to make the original Daisy bottle top better but they did, it reminds me of a swimming cap for some reason! Have you tried this? What is your favourite perfume?


  1. Marc Jacobs perfumes always have the cutest tops! I am using Lola right now! xx Rena
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  2. Love this perfume! Smells so good I just had to buy it!

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