Eyelash Extensions

I love the look that false eyelashes give to your makeup, they really help to make your eyes stand out and pop but I will admit I am not the greatest at applying them. I am such a perfectionist I have been known to sit there for half an hour until I am 100% certain they are stuck down and are even! So when I heard about eyelash extensions that can last up four weeks I thought (as a beauty addict) I had to try them. They take between 30-45 minutes depending on the look you are trying to achieve and you can have individual or clump lashes. I chose the individual as they give a more natural look and as you can see from the before and after pictures they did make a huge difference to my eyelashes, I was incredibly impressed when they had been applied. I received lots of compliments and they certainly made putting my make up on daily a lot easier! The only negative I will say is that you need to be quite high maintenance to look after them, you are not supposed to get them wet (obviously this is impossible for the entire time you wear them) and should under no circumstances wipe your eyes. Mine lasted just over two weeks and I would recommend them if you have a special occasion or a holiday, which is the only time I would get them again. For more everyday wear I think I am going to try the eyelash perm! I will let you know how that goes. What do you think of these eyelash extensions? Have you ever had them?


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