Beauty Travel Essentials

(Selfridges Summer Beauty Box here)
I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Selfridges summer beauty box which contained not five but nine incredible products, all of which are coming on holiday with me. I am going away on Thursday and I thought this would be the perfect time to share my holiday beauty essentials with you. I have always wanted a tangle teezer but never wanted to pay for one if I'm honest so I was incredibly happy when this came and I have to say if you don't have one they are amazing. My hair generally gets very knotted when washed and this cuts through them simply and painlessly! Also really wanted to try Bumble and Bumble surf spray and this cute little travel size version is definitely going in my beauty bag.  Incredible smelling shower gel and refreshing Caudalie spray which I am in love with! Lancaster tan maximizer will help to make my tan last and St Tropez face glow will help my face to looked as tanned as my body (which never seems to tan much to my annoyance!) I also cant wait to use this BB cream and compare it to my Clinique one which I am sure you are all aware I love! Just a quick post showing how useful the beauty box was for me and my holiday! What are your beauty essentials when you go on holiday?

Blue Jeans

(BDG Cigarette Jean, Zara Shirt, Zara Bag, Topshop Necklace here , Topshop Sandals here , Urban Outfitters Watch, Topshop Rings, San Francisco Sunglasses)

Just a quick post to show you what I wore on this lovely and sunny bank holiday! I love BDG jeans they are so well made, a great flattering fit and relatively cheap. The high waist ankle cigarette shape are my favourite and I have them in an array of colours, you can shop BDG jeans here at Urban Outfitters. This shirt was bought at least two years ago and it is still my go to when I am rushing but still want to look nice, the gathered collar is a twist on a normal white shirt. I bought these sandals yesterday as I needed a pair to go with everything when I go on holiday next Thursday, they are unbelievably comfy and I think I will end up buying the black as well! I am also loving delicate jewellery at the minute, I think it can look classy and when worn right make just as much of an impact as statement jewellery! I have linked everything that is still available to buy the rest is old clothing I am afraid! Running out the house for a curry with the family and the boy this evening, what are you guys up to this bank holiday? Have you ever tried BDG jeans?

Clinique BB Cream

I usually wear MAC studio fix foundation weather its in the day or evening and I love it. However last week I was shopping with my mum an decided I wanted something a little lighter for the daytime that wouldn't take so long to apply. I had heard A LOT about BB creams and used Clinique over the years so thought I would give theirs a go, I liked it that much I couldn't wait to show you all!

 It comes in three shades which they perfectly match up for you and can either be used as a primer or as a tinted moisturiser for when your feeling confident with your skin, giving you two great functions! In this case I am using it as a tinted moisturiser (this was the reason I bought it for) and as you can see from the pictures only a small amount is needed for coverage. A before and after picture shows just how good this BB cream is, before you can see red patches and blemishes, after my skin tone is even and blemishes are gone! I promise you I have put nothing else on my face apart from in the last picture I have used a little mascara! This is now my go to day look as it is light on my face, leaves me feeling fresh (not heavy and weighed down like with foundation) and contains an SPF to protect. So if you are looking for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser I really would recommend this product. Have you tried this or any other BB creams? What do you think of them?

Twisted Silk

I received my very first Glossybox last week (I know I am very late on the bandwagon) I was trying to resist for the sake of my bank balance but hey I decided to treat myself! I love everything to do with nails, colours, wraps, art, pens, gels, polish, mine are never not painted. I am always on the look out for new brands and colours so when my Glossybox arrived with this Headline Polish I was very happy. I will admit at first I thought the colour was a little bland but I gave it a go and I LOVE it. I apologise the pictures don't do the colour justice actually but I assure you it looks great in person! A dusky pink colour perfect for the pastel shades of Spring. It was the easiest polish to apply I have ever had, the brush is the perfect size to do your nail in one swoop! The only negative I will say it isn't the greatest coverage, two coats are definitely needed maybe even three depending on how you like yours to look! What do you think of this colour? Have you use Headline nail polish before? 

Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival 2013 has just finished and with it came some absolutely stunning fashion and beauty looks. Instead of showing you fifty images I wanted to pick the looks that truly made me think, 'I love that look she looks amazing.' I thought this for various reasons and some of my choices may seem strange to you! Naomie Harris got it SO right, twice! Her dress choices were impeccable, in particular the nude Calvin Klein cut out dress! I also love how she matched her silver eye make up to her dress without over doing it! Carey Mulligan kept it simple yet gorgeous for The Great Gatsby showing making sure she stood our for all the right reasons. Isla Fisher showed us that redheads CAN wear red, she looked fierce and I love that she took a risk. Nicole Kidman is here because she also took a risk with a futuristic hairstyle mixed with the 'pretty dress', I love when girly pieces are mixed with stronger pieces. Finally Frieda Pinto brought some colour to the red carpet with this bright pink dress and I think she wears it very well! What do you think of my choices? Was there anyone that really stood out for you at Cannes?

Limited Edition Daisy

As I'm sure I have already told you Dan went away this weekend, when he returned he surprised me with this limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (I was very impressed)! Perfumes are a guilty pleasure of mine I buy them all the time and have seven at the moment, I am always happy for more! I wear the original Daisy perfume constantly, I love it's fresh summery smell, so when I saw this (I didn't even know it was out) I was very excited to try it. It did not disappoint! If you want a new scent for Spring/Summer I cannot recommend this enough, its light fruity smell is incredible and instantly makes you think of summer times. The insanely cool bottle helps as well! I didn't think it was possible to make the original Daisy bottle top better but they did, it reminds me of a swimming cap for some reason! Have you tried this? What is your favourite perfume?

Style Envy #3

My 'style love' board on Pinterest is definitely my favourite and is updated daily. I am always seeing looks that I love and that I can draw inspiration from. I wanted to share a few of my favourite looks with you (I could have gone on forever) but I will just save the others for another post! I love how simple pieces, like a white tee, are mixed with different textures and prints to turn what would have been a boring outfit into something stunning. Do you have a board like this on Pinterest? Which is your favourite outfit?

Neon Florals

(Zara Floral Jumper, Topshop Kristen High Wasted Jeans, Zara Wedges, Ray-Ban's)

I said I would have an outfit post shortly and voila! If you follow my blog posts regularly you will have seen this jumper in a previous post of my recent purchases here. I tried it on and loved it even more than I thought I would, it is quilted and the neon colours are bang on trend for Spring. I have had these wedges quite awhile now but they were an incredible buy, so comfortable, reasonably priced and look great whether you wear them with jeans, skirts or a dress (as I have worn them with all). I do like a good wedge not only are they comfier but they are SO much easier to walk in! The boy got back of his holidays today, I have interrupted our reunion to right this post for you lovely readers! Hopefully the sun will come out again soon and I can stop wearing jeans! Which do you wear more wedges or stilettos?

Instagram Outfits

I have been incredibly busy over the last week as Friday is my final deadline for University and I have recently started a new internship (which is very exciting) so I have been juggling a few things and haven't had time to fit in an outfit post! Also my photographer selfishly decided to go on holiday so I have had to make do, I need to find a back up! So I am afraid this will have to do for now but I will have a new outfit post for you very very soon! These are outfits from my Instagram page that I have worn over the last few weeks. I thought this was a good way to share them with you and it allows you to see a number of outfits at once. I love this Zara necklace that was actually 'winter accessories' but of course works just as well in Spring/Summer. My ASOS toe cap heels are also permanently on my feet, I love them! Which is your favourite outfit?

Wish List #1

(Gold Necklace Saks Fifth Avenue, Zimmerman Swimsuit, 31PhilipLim Leopard Sleeve Jumper, Urban Outfitters Moustache IPad Case, Urban Outfitters Pillow Cases & Polka Dot Backpack, Oliver People's Sunglasses, H&M Beach Cover Up, Del Toro Prince Albert Bone Canvas Slipper Loafers, Topshop Boutique Coat, Louboutin Heels, Urban Outfitters Ruffle Shower Curtain, Jerome C. Rosseau Juda Woven Bootie, Giambattista Valli Maxi Skirt)
If you follow me on Pinterest then you will already have seen many of these items as they are safely tucked away in my 'Things I Need.' board. This has to be one of my favourite boards as I constantly see things I like and then two days later cannot remember where I found them or who they were by, Pinterest allows me to keep them all in one place so I can lust after them as much as I want! These are some of my favourite items from my board, some I can afford, others will remain things I pine after, unless some very generous person decides to buy them for me (wishful thinking).
I am obsessed with Oliver People's sunglasses, I actually think I have about four pairs tucked away on Pinterest but these are the two that I love love love and will get, one day. Lots of summery items here simply because it is coming to summer. I had a massive clear out of my bikinis the other day and need a few more to fill in the gaps, I am obsessed with this black bikini and am going to go on a mission to find it once I have posted this post! The Zebra t-shirt is actually a child's top but as you may already be aware I have a thing for Zebra's on clothing at the minute and I thought it was cute. This ruffle shower curtain is also amazing and I am currently trying to persuade the boyfriend to let me install this in our house! I have seen many versions of the black cage heels and I am constantly kicking myself for not buying H&M's copycat pair when I saw them, so I am still on the lookout for an affordable pair, let me know if you find any! What do you think of my wish list, which item is your favourite? Do you have your own on Pinterest?

Ruby Woo


This post has been on my mind for awhile as I literally love red lipstick and wear it far too often, I could probably put it on in my sleep, so I wanted to share with you how to create the perfect red lip. I always always use a lip liner with dark colours as it creates a stronger looking lip, lasts longer and stops the colour bleeding out and ruining your make up. Ruby Woo is my go to red lipstick choice with the Mac Cherry lip liner, together they create a bright stand out look which I love. Red lips help to make a statement both with your make up and to an outfit and it is my fail safe when I may not be feeling too adventurous but want a popping look.
If you have flaky lips gently rub a dry toothbrush along them to leave your lips smooth and lipstick ready. Then I apply my lip liner going around the natural lip line and as you can see from the picture I colour almost all my lips in the lip liner, this really does help it to stick whether your eating or drinking! I then apply Ruby Woo, a generous amount to create strong look. Blot your lips and voila the perfect red lip! I would love recommendations on great lipstick brands and colours so please let me know what you use! Do you wear a lot of lipstick? What are you favourite brands and colours?

Daphne Groeneveld

Daphne Groeneveld is simply stunning. Enough said. Marked as one to watch I have become as obsessed as every designer scooping her up, if you follow my instagram you will probably already be aware of this! These are just a selection of images of her that I believe show her versatility and work to date. Fronting the Dior Addict campaign I am certain we will be seeing a lot more of the Dutch beauty this year. I love how her look is completely different and ALOT more feminine than the chiselled more masculine faces that have been hitting the runways lately, her face is softer yet still incredibly striking. What do you think of Daphne? Who is your favourite model of the moment?

Eyelash Extensions

I love the look that false eyelashes give to your makeup, they really help to make your eyes stand out and pop but I will admit I am not the greatest at applying them. I am such a perfectionist I have been known to sit there for half an hour until I am 100% certain they are stuck down and are even! So when I heard about eyelash extensions that can last up four weeks I thought (as a beauty addict) I had to try them. They take between 30-45 minutes depending on the look you are trying to achieve and you can have individual or clump lashes. I chose the individual as they give a more natural look and as you can see from the before and after pictures they did make a huge difference to my eyelashes, I was incredibly impressed when they had been applied. I received lots of compliments and they certainly made putting my make up on daily a lot easier! The only negative I will say is that you need to be quite high maintenance to look after them, you are not supposed to get them wet (obviously this is impossible for the entire time you wear them) and should under no circumstances wipe your eyes. Mine lasted just over two weeks and I would recommend them if you have a special occasion or a holiday, which is the only time I would get them again. For more everyday wear I think I am going to try the eyelash perm! I will let you know how that goes. What do you think of these eyelash extensions? Have you ever had them?

Met Gala 2013


I wasn't planning on doing a post on the Met Gala but when I woke up this morning my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter feed were all dedicated to the event and I was blown away by some of the looks and just had to share them with my lovely readers! The theme as I am sure you've have heard by now was Punk (some people took this more literally than others) and these are my favourite looks. Nicole Richie, queen of boho, looked incredible and was my favourite look of the night, her dress is stunning and was that dedicated to the punk theme she spray painted her hair grey!

I am not a massive fan of Miley Cyrus but I cannot deny she looks amazing and rocked this netted floor length dress and was quite literally punk with the gel spiked hair. Rooney Mara was another of my favourites, I think she looks stunning and again I would do almost anything for the dress she is wearing. Cara Delevigne pulled of punk as cool as cucumber like always in this studded number and although I'm not keen on Kristen Stewart's outfit choice I do like her masculine hair and make up, it takes a strong face to pull of this look and she does it very well. Again not a huge fan of Anne Hathaway but like Miley she shocked me (not just because of the blonde hair) but with her very sexy choice of gown. Do you like blonde Anne? I surprisingly think it looks a lot better than the brown! What do you think of my Met Gala choices? Which was your favourite look?

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