The American Dream

As it's getting close to summer and we will all be getting excited about our holidays I decided it was time to share some of my latest holiday snaps with you! I was lucky enough to go to Las Vega, San Francisco and LA for my 21st birthday and it really was THE most amazing holiday, America always has been my favourite place to visit. It is unbelievable how big America actually is, just four hours drive from Vegas to Frisco saw a 40 degree drop in temperature ensuring we got every climate and out of our holiday. The hardest thing about this post? Deciding which out of my 300 hundred photos were going to make the cut, I wish I could show you them all but you'd be scrolling down for hours!

Vegas was our first stop and it is every much as vast and tempting as you can imagine, we got to visit New York and Venice within half an hour of each other, everything is so alike. We had a cheeky gamble, believe me it is very hard to win in Vegas! Dan did however manage to win a nice sum by putting his last $5 on my birthday, the 8th! Next up was San Francisco, the complete opposite to our previous destination. I loved it here there is so much to see and so much character all around the city, with the most stunning buildings you will ever see! The sour dough (crab picture) is a must if you ever visit what the locals call Frisco, baked in front of you in all sorts of shapes it is delicious!

The final stop of the trip was Hollywood itself and what a place it is. Beautiful weather, delicious restaurant after delicious restaurant and star spotting to your hearts content! We saw Ne-Yo, an episode of Criminal Minds filming, Larry King, David Beckham and I bought a jumper where Ali Larter was also shopping, and there we thought the paparazzi were for us! Santa Monica was my favourite place the beach was so peaceful and relaxing whilst the shopping and quaint bars were the perfect day for a nice cold drink. Being from the UK and massive football fans we thought it was only fair we went to see David Beckham play at his new club, LA Galaxy, we won! I really could go on forever, one day I hope to live here so watch this space! Where are you off to this summer?


  1. nice pictures!!

  2. Cute photos! Looks like such a fun trip!


  3. I don't have any plans for holidays yet. You are so lucky to have been to America - I REALLY REALLY want to visit venice beach and new york!

    Corinne x



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